Green is a color that often gets overlooked when creating a color palette for your flowers. Green foliage, though, adds a beautiful touch of natural beauty to floral designs with added texture, shape and points of interest. While you may not be crazy about the idea of working with green flowers, there’s a number of choices when it comes to foliage.

Keep reading to learn about our favorites!

Eucalyptus (Baby Blue)
eucalyptus. Wholesale Greenery. Eucalyptus

This type of Eucalyptus has small leaves and adds a gorgeous texture to floral designs, it’s available year-round and a popular choice for wedding bouquets.

Eucalyptus (Silver Dollar)

It’s popular for its long-lasting aromatic leaves and its versatility, making it widely used for a number of different occasions throughout the year.


Ruscus is a classic, rich green foliage popular for different occasions and design styles. It has a soft effect and is best used when the flowers are the focal point of the design.

Palma Rovelina
palma rovelina

Palma Rovelina is another long-lasting green that serves as an excellent filler or to give designs a fun tropical flair.

Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller’s gorgeous sage colors gives it a dusted, winter-like appearance. It’s a popular choice for fall and has become increasingly used for wedding florals as it pairs well with soft, romantic color palettes.

Tree Fern

Tree fern is a thin, wispy green perfect to use a filler. Tree fern gives an airy, romantic appearance when paired with delicate colors and flowers.

Leatherleaf Fern
leatherleaf fern

Leatherleaf is a thicker fern with a triangular shape which adds body to any bouquet or arrangement.

Lily Grass
lily grass

Lily grass is an excellent choice for adding unexpected form to bouquets. Typically used to loop into different shapes, lily grass is a favorite among designers for an added touch of interest.


Known for its abundant and glossy texture, cocculus adds a leafy green touch to designs. It’s beautifully shaped leaves and fullness pairs well with focal flowers.

Aralia Leaf
aralia leaf

Aralia leaves have a sleek, distinctive shape making for a gorgeous green or filler in bouquets and arrangements.

Whether you’re working as a designer or arranging a bouquet to display in your home, it’s important to learn about your different choices when it comes to foliage. Choosing one over the other can help you achieve a specific style or point of interest and transform your work to give it that extra touch of stylized design.