Mental Health and the Power of Flowers

May 2023 | Featured | 0 comments

You’re arranging a beautiful bouquet you purchased earlier in the afternoon, and suddenly notice the minutes quickly passed by. You were peacefully lost in the act. Without realizing it, you carefully put all your attention into clipping each stem to just the right length to fit your favorite vase, removing foliage, and placing each flower in the perfect position. This state of flow brought you a sudden boost of happiness that carried through the rest of your evening, and it was all thanks to flowers!

 May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and this month, we’re paying homage to this important topic by sharing the positive impacts of flowers on our mental health.

According to the Society of American Florists, the presence of flowers triggers overall positive emotions, heightened life satisfaction, and even affect our social behavior. Research findings from a study conducted at Rutgers University in New Jersey state that flowers attribute to the following:

  • Immediate happiness, with universal reactions such as smiling and excitement.
  • Long-term positive effects on mood.
  • Increased intimate connections among family and friends.

In other words, science states that flowers really do make us happy!

To add to these findings, flowers are also known to boost creativity. With an array of stunning colors and patterns, flowers have inspired artists across all creative disciplines for centuries and still do to this very day. Tie in nature’s well-known therapeutic qualities to the mix, and it comes as no surprise that arranging flowers can benefit both our inner artist and our mood by inviting feelings of inspiration, peace, and tranquility into our day.

Flower Colors and Mood

Curious to know how different flower colors tap into our moods and affect psychology? Take a look below.

Whites: Inspires tranquility and clarity.

Pinks: Associated with love, compassion, and femininity.

Reds: Connected to love, passion, stimulating effect on energy levels and concentration.

Yellows and oranges: Uplifting and energizing, boost optimism.

Greens: Rejuvenating, invigorating, and natural.

Blues and purples: Calming tones, inspire imagination and creativity.

Next time you’re around flowers, remember to take a moment to appreciate all the gifts they have to offer. While loved for their universal beauty, and it’s time we begin to prize flowers for their well-deserved mental health benefits as well!