5 Go-To Flowers for Mother’s Day

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Flowers, a universal symbol of love, beauty, and appreciation have long served as a botanical ode to mothers on their special day. This year, May 14th marks one of the floral industry’s most important dates: Mother’s Day! With this very special Sunday soon approaching, we’re sharing the top flower varieties for celebrating moms and the meaning and symbolism behind the different variations of stunning color seen in these varieties.


Considered the official Mother’s Day flower, the carnation’s ties to this special day date back to the early 1900’s. In 1907 Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, sent white carnations to every mother at her West Virginia congregation on the anniversary of her mother’s death. Since then, carnations have become a symbolic flower commemorating Mother’s Day. Recognized for symbolizing many traits of motherhood including gratitude, faith, love, and beauty, carnations are both beautiful and long-lasting.


Pink: A mother’s pure, never-ending love, used to express gratitude and appreciation.

Red: Sincere love, affection, and admiration.


An emblem of love, roses are another classic flower widely gifted during Mother’s Day. While red roses are typically tied to Valentine’s Day, other colors mirror the affectionate aspects of love typically associated with mother figures.


Light pink: Gratitude, admiration, and joy

Hot pink: Strength and femininity

White and cream: Purity and thoughtfulness


Hydrangeas represent gratitude, grace, and beauty, perfect for mothers who embody these qualities through their endless support and unconditional love.


Blue: Understanding and gratitude

Pink: Love and sincerity

White: Grace and purity

Purple: Abundance and understanding


With their happy and cheery appearance, gerberas are a great flower to gift to mothers who always shower loved ones with fun, joy, and their bright smiles.


Pink: grace, admiration, and gratitude

Orange and yellow: happiness, energy, and warmth

Purple: elegance



Associated with good fortune, happiness, and motherhood, lilies are loved for their beautiful shape and large bloom size.


White: Purity

Pink: Admiration, love, abundance

For their endless love and patience, mother deserve to be celebrated every day! Whether you go with one or with a combination of the varieties and colors listed above, don’t forget to show a little extra appreciation for mom this Mother’s Day with the beautiful gift of fresh flowers.

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