All About Delphinium

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About the Flower

 Few flowers can make a statement like the delphinium flower. Long stalks covered in small blossoms running the entire length of the stem make delphinium a perfect line flower to add gorgeous height to floral arrangements and bouquets. The tall, vertical delphiniums are always aiming high, which is why they are widely associated with success and achievement.

Composed of a cluster of flowers, delphinium stems are typically 18 to 48 inches long, making great linear flowers. The blooms on delphinium open from the bottom to the top. As they continue to mature, the buds on the bottom will fall off, and the ones on the top will open. Delphinium has become a florist favorite because it is one of the few flowers that is naturally blue in nature. 


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Care and Handling

Purchase stems with open flowers on the lower quarter and well-formed buds showing on the upper three quarters. Avoid stems with shattering blossoms and any stems with mildew infested foliage.

Delphinium White
Delphinium Lavender Trick Purple

Delphinium Varieties

There are hundreds of different varieties of delphinium, however, most varieties are hybridized out of only a few of these. At Sunshine, we carry three main varieties. ‘Triton’ features larger blooms with double flowers, while ‘Trick’ varieties produce smaller blooms with unique colors. Spray delphinium features a less linear and shorter stalk, offering a garden-style look in bouquet use.

Delphinium White


Delphinium Lavender Trick Purple


Cremon Purple Aragon Esfera


Designer’s Corner

Casual is the word that most accurately describes the way we currently live, work and play. In our post-pandemic world, casual attire (athleisure wear), casual dining (often alfresco) and casual furnishings (how else can one explain the popularity of boucle?) are becoming staples. For flower arranging it’s no different. Starting with the freeform marbleized decoration on the cylinder vase, this design screams casual. (Actually it can’t scream, that’s too stressful. Let’s say it whispers.) For flower placements, linear delphiniums are randomly mixed in color and height (how casual), and the radiating spray of stems are loosely corralled by a cloud-like collar of white hydrangeas. It all seems to have accidentally fallen in place just the way one would want a casual arrangement to appear – no foam, maybe a wad of chicken wire for control, and no overthinking for this stress-free design.