Elevate Your Market Bouquet With An Easy DIY

May 2022 | Style Guide | 0 comments

 In the spirit of Mother’s Day gifting, we’re going over some simple tricks to elevate a supermarket floral bouquet. There are millions of reasons to gift flowers, and with so many different styles and color palettes, you’re sure to find one for every occasion or loved one. 

 While flowers are beautiful all on their own, we love to add an extra touch of design to elevate the presentation of a bouquet. This trick is useful when gifting bouquets for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, birthdays, or even “just-because” gifting. Below, take a look at how we freshen up the look of a popular grocery store bouquet in just a few steps with simple items you can probably find around your home!


  • Decorative kraft paper (or gift wrap)
  • Tissue paper
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Scissors


On a flat surface, roll out your kraft paper to cut a large rectangular piece and fold over diagonally to create two peaks.

step 2

Follow the fold straight down and cut a straight line, about 2 inches long, then fold upwards to form two triangles.

Step 3

Place two sheets of tissue paper on top of the kraft paper, placing peaks in between the kraft peaks. Fold up the bottom of the tissue paper to align with the kraft. Then, using the tissue paper, repeat step 2.

Step 4

Remove original packing from your bouquet. Adjust bouquet, pulling some of the stems in the back higher than the rest of the flowers, creating a “presentation style” bouquet. Then, carefully lay your bouquet directly on top of your tissue paper between the peaks, allowing the longer flowers to extend out of the wrap and the stems to line up with the bottom fold.

Step 5

Wrap each side around the stems, and tape together from the inside for a clean finish. 

Step 6

Use a ribbon in a complementary color to create a finishing bow at the base of the wrap.

With just a few easy steps, your bouquet is ready to gift!

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