Celebrate Easter with an Unexpected Color Palette

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Easter Sunday is the perfect occasion to gather with family and friends to observe religious traditions while also enjoying the weather during the most pleasant season of the year—Spring! While Easter celebrations and décor typically accentuate the soft, pastel hues of the season, we love to switch it up occasionally and create an impact. Allowing the beauty and cheery pops of color from a fresh mix of flowers to take center stage adds a touch of interest and playfulness that can liven up your holiday décor.

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We selected a medley of colorful yet springlike flowers to dress up our holiday table and were satisfied with the overall look and feeling evoked. Pairing red roses with complementing varieties in softer peach, white and light pink tones resulted in a stylish, ethereal combination of blooms. Red, while quite an unconventional color during this time of the year, inspired the creation of a refreshed spring palette which paired nicely with the softer and more traditional colors of the season.

To emphasize our Easter look, we included ceramic bunnies and wooden eggs as decorative accents across our outdoor tablescape. Accentuating our design with Easter motifs added the right amount of character to complete the holiday decor.

featured varieties

Stock Apricot Iron
Rose Red Garden Rose Red Eye
Kalanchoe Red Pretty Red 2
Gerbera Piccolini Light Pink Molara

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