Your Guide to an Airy Spring Tablescape

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Springtime’s full-blooming beauty is back! With social gatherings starting to form part of our regular routines once again, we’re eager to celebrate special occasions and even everyday gatherings with friends – and doing so in a beautiful setting is always a must!

Spring is the perfect time to give our homes a bit of a refresh and welcome the longer, warmer days in the coming months. While flowers are a beautiful year-round way to liven up any home or a special occasion, nature reminds us that spring is the prime time of the year to enjoy fresh blooms and their captivating beauty.

Inspired by popular tones of spring such as dainty pastels and the prominent gardening appeal of the season, we sought out to create a tablescape where flowers would take center stage and create an attractive focus. Designed with one of our favorite mixed bouquet, Notting Hill, the result is perfect for spring occasions ranging from Easter to birthdays or a lighthearted brunch with friends.

the inspiration

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

get the look

Fusing together various garden-style varieties such as hydrangea, spray roses and statice in an array from pastel colors is ideal for a spring look such as this one. Together with line flowers such as campanula, the addition of tree fern for a touch of greenery, and not to mention the delicious scent of freesias, these blooms come together to create an eye-catching table for entertaining.

To get the look, opt for a garden-style mixed bouquet such as Notting Hill that offers both the right amount of color and interesting texture to create a truly luxurious spring design. The best part, we only used two bouquets to create this entire look!

featured varieties

Delphinium Pink Trick Pink
Pom Cushion Romancera Pink
Campanula Pink Champion 2
Spray Rose Pink Majolika

for the table

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