Before we jump into tips and tricks on how exactly you can revive wilted blooms, we want to share a couple of things to do the day you buy flowers which can help avoid wilting in the first place. They’re fairly simple, yet many people don’t follow these easy steps to care for their flowers!

When you bring a bouquet of flowers home, make sure to keep them somewhere cool. Avoid letting them sit in the car as direct sunlight and heat will both cause your flowers to quickly wilt… flowers are not fans of extreme temperatures!

Another smart thing to do is to hydrate your flowers as soon as you can, even if your bouquet is meant to be a gift for someone else later in the day. Once the flowers are gifted or ready to be arranged in your home, the stems can be cut about an inch shorter (preferably in a diagonal line) to increase water absorption.

Okay – so you forgot to follow the steps mentioned above, or it’s been a few days and your flowers don’t look quite as fresh as they first did. The following are a few tips to revive your blooms and continue to enjoy them for as long as possible!

Recut the stems

If the stems dry out or it’s been a few days, your blooms may not be getting enough water. Recutting the stems once again will increase water absorption and help hydrate your flowers.

Actually change the water

Before you know it, water can begin to look old and have bacteria growth present. Make sure to change the water every few days in order to keep your flowers looking fresh time and time again. Remember, lukewarm water is best for your blooms!

Feed your flowers!

Adding a packet of flower food after changing the water can help provide nutrients that will keep your flowers looking great. Some people add sugar and just a drop of bleach instead to help reduce wilting and bacteria growth – but only a drop!

Flowers are delicate and reviving them can take a couple of hours. Be patient, with the tips mentioned above, your wilted flowers will come back to life in no time!