An Ode To Our Working Mothers

May 2022 | People of Sunshine | 0 comments

Mothers are at the core of our workforce at Sunshine Bouquet, and their unwavering dedication and hard work plays a pivotal role in our success. In honor of this Mother’s Day, we took a trip down to our flower farms in Bogota to get to know some of these devoted women and share their impactful stories. Their nurturing love and affection extends into their work and is omnipresent in the quality of blooms that we grow. These women were selected and recognized by their peers as a “Mujer Sunshine”, a program of recognition based on their outstanding work, merit and leadership. Through this program, they are offered a number of tools for continued education and success. 

In her 35 years in floriculture, Edilia Sanchez has worked hard to reach her role as a Teams Supervisor. Nominated for her hardwork and ability to always push forward, she prides herself in her dedication to self-betterment everyday. As a mother and grandmother, her greatest joy is to witness her children pass on the legacy of what she was able to provide herself.

Martha Yamile Maecho is a single mother of three children. Her greatest drive and motivation during her nine years at Sunshine has been her children and her ability to provide for them. She is recognized among her peers as a great support system, and considers herself a helping hand to anyone in need.

Mother of two children, Viviana Vargas has been a hard-working member of the Sunshine family for 18 years, and is now a Quality Supervisor. Viviana is admired by her peers for her commitment to achieve her goals, provide for her family, and the enthusiasm in which she does it. Carried always with a smile, her positivity is a light for those around her.

Ana Mosquera is a young mother of two beautiful girls. Originally from Choco, a different state in Colombia, she found her way to Sunshine Bouquet. With the goal of making a better living for her daughters, Ana has sacrificed being able to stay close to them, and her driving force is reuniting them in Bogota after several years.

Miryam Ruth Guerrero  is a mother of three successful children. In her time at Sunshine, she has been able to provide them with a good education, and one for herself as well. With the support of Sunshine, she was able to finish her own schooling, something she had put on pause while prioritizing her role in motherhood.  She expresses her endless gratitude for her journey with the company, and more especially the inclusiveness she feels as part of the Sunshine family.

Yadith Paterninas has been part of the Sunshine team for 9 years. Driven by her daughter to keep pushing forward, Yadith goes the distance to excel in everything she does. She takes pride in her ability to approach all things with love, and tells us that her optimism and positive attitude is an exemplary model to not only those who work around her but even the flowers themselves. 

It is our greatest privilege to be a supporting role to the well-being of these women and their families, who continue to give us so much every day. “Mujer Sunshine” is only one of the number of programs to better the quality of life and create opportunities for our employees and their communities. We see it as an investment in their lives, and hope to continue exploring the many ways we can keep contributing to their growth.

Sending a heartfelt thank you to all moms on their special day, Happy Mother’s Day!


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