Rose Colors and their Meanings

Feb 2022 | Flower Facts | 0 comments

Giving a rose can be a truly special gesture! A universal symbol to express the most heartfelt of messages, roses can range in symbolism depending on their color, number of stems, and a variety of other factors. Fossil evidence shows that the rose is actually about 35 million years old,  and in that time has been a popular symbol of love, beauty, war and politics. Below, learn about the most popular rose colors to perfectly express your next sentiment.

The Significance of Color

Red Roses

A classic expression of love, longing or desire. Red roses can also convey respect, admiration or devotion.

Pink Roses

While overall, pink roses denote admiration, elegance and grace, each shade has its own meaning. Light pink roses symbolize sweetness and innocence, while hot pink roses convey gratitude and appreciation.

Lavender Roses

Most commonly associated with enchantment, lavender roses are used to express love at first sight. Darker shades convey a sense of majesty and splendor.

White Roses

A symbol of purity, innocence and new beginnings, white roses are also known as the bridal flower. The color white is also used to express sympathy.

Orange Roses

With a vibrancy and exuberance all on their own, orange roses signify passion, energy and intense desire, not to mention a sense of fascination.

Yellow Roses

Evoking warmth, care and pure joy, yellow roses are most often associated with friendship and platonic love.