All About Delphinium

Delphinium has become a florist favorite because it is one of the few flowers that is naturally blue in nature. Read on to learn about this unique flower.

How to Keep Your Roses Fresh

If you love roses and want to make sure your bouquet remains beautiful and fresh for as long as possible, keep reading to learn basic care and handling tips.

Rose Colors and their Meanings

Giving a rose can be a truly special gesture! A universal symbol to express the most heartfelt of messages, roses can range in symbolism depending on their color, number of stems, and a variety of other factors.

Chrysanthemum: Disbuds

Did you know disbuds and poms are actually both chrysanthemums? The difference is in how the plants are managed! Read on to learn more.

Marigolds: Rich Symbolism & More

One of the most popular flowers during the fall months, marigolds are admired for their rich history in cultural celebrations, along with their vibrant autumnal hues.

All About Fall Poms

Chrysanthemums are quite simply the botanical calling cards of autumn. Known for their resilient and fluffy flower heads, poms come in an assortment of colors that brighten and add texture to floral compositions.

Top 10 Greenery and Foliage for Floral Arrangements

Green is a color that often gets overlooked when creating a color palette for your flowers. Green foliage, though, adds a beautiful touch of natural beauty to floral designs with added texture, shape and points of interest. While you may not be crazy about the idea of working with green flowers, there’s a number of [...]

About Our Roses

With a rainbow of colors, varied selection of sizes and a myriad of intriguing varieties, it’s easy to see why roses are the most popular flower in the world. Their delicate and beautiful appearance makes them universally loved, particularly around holidays and special occasions such as Mother’s Day! At Sunshine Bouquet, we take pride in [...]

Carnations: A Mother’s Day Favorite

Carnations have been a Mother’s Day favorite for decades, flooding stores and the homes of beloved moms year after year. These gorgeous flowers have different meanings and are widely used across different cultures for annual celebrations and traditional ceremonies. In the US, carnations are particularly popular in May and are even referred to as the [...]